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OWASP Top Ten Proactive Controls 2018 C1: Define Security Requirements OWASP Foundation

For example, don’t log sensitive information such as passwords, session IDs, credit cards, and Social Security numbers. And preserve the integrity of logs, just in case someone tries to tamper with them. Interested in reading more about SQL injection attacks and why it is a security risk? Databases are often key components for building rich web applications as the need for state and persistency arises. Make sure you track the use of open source libraries and maintain an inventory of versions, their licenses and vulnerabilities such as OWASP’s top 10 vulnerabilities using tools like OWASP’s Dependency Check or Snyk.

  • A security requirement is a statement of security functionality that ensures software security is being satisfied.
  • Take care to prevent untrusted input from being recognized as part of an SQL command.
  • A prominent OWASP project named Application Security Verification Standard—often referred to as OWASP ASVS for short—provides over two-hundred different requirements for building secure web application software.
  • The OWASP Developer Guide is a community effort; if there is something that needs changing
    then submit an issue or a pull request.
  • Traditional approaches to cybersecurity have not been enough to protect companies, so it’s time to make attackers face real consequences for their malicious behavior.
  • Some of this has become easier over the years (namely using HTTPS and protecting data in transit).

Unlike the OWASP Top 10, the OWASP Proactive Controls do not rank the controls based on their importance. Instead, they are presented in order of the software development lifecycle in which they are most commonly applied, from architecture and design to implementation and testing. The OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) is a catalog of available security requirements owasp proactive controls and verification criteria. OWASP ASVS can be a source of detailed security requirements for development teams. Pursuing an active and continuous approach to finding and addressing evolving threats is critical. While this is not a new concept, we’ve recently seen popular cybersecurity standards and best practices evolve to acknowledge and account for ongoing threat intelligence.

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Many security tools, such as static code analysis tools, utilize rule sets that reference the OWASP Top Ten. The effectiveness of a static application security solution hinges on its ability to provide extensive vulnerability coverage and support for a wide range of languages and frameworks. Today, we’re highlighting two releases that’ll help you discover more vulnerabilities in your codebase, so you can ship more secure software. If you devote your free time to developing and maintaining OSS projects, you might not have the time, resources, or security knowledge to implement security features in a robust, complete way. In this blog post, I’ll discuss the importance of establishing the different components and modules you’ll need in your project and how to choose frameworks and libraries with secure defaults. Two great examples of secure defaults in most web frameworks are web views that encode output by default (providing XSS attack defenses) as well as built-in protection against Cross-Site Request Forgeries.

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Ensure that access to all data stores is secure, including both relational databases and NoSQL databases. That’s why you need to protect data needs everywhere it’s handled and stored. Digital identity, authentication, and session management can be very challenging, so it’s wise to have your best engineering talent working on your identity systems. You do this through passwords, multi-factor authentication, or cryptography. One is blacklisting, where you compare the input against a list of malicious content. The other is whitelisting, which uses rules to define what is «good.» If input satisfies the rules, then it’s accepted.

Secure Database Access Checklist

These techniques should be applied proactively at the early stages of software development to ensure maximum effectiveness. In this session, Jim walked us through the list of OWASP Top 10 proactive controls and how to incorporate them into our web applications. The OWASP Top Ten Proactive Controls 2018 is a list of security techniques that should be included in every software development project. They are ordered by order of importance, with control number 1 being the most important.

Each category contains a collection of requirements that represent the best practices for that category drafted as verifiable statements. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a 501c3 non for profit educational charity dedicated to enabling organizations to design, develop, acquire, operate, and maintain secure software. All OWASP tools, documents, forums, and chapters are free and open to anyone interested in improving application security. Details of errors and exceptions are useful to us for debugging, analysis, and forensic investigations. They are generally not useful to a user unless that user is attacking your application.

Implement security logging and monitoring

As application developers, we are used to logging data that helps us debug and trace issues concerning wrong business flows or exceptions thrown. Security-focused logging is another type of data logs that we should strive to maintain in order to create an audit trail that later helps track down security breaches and other security issues. Building a secure product begins with defining what are the security requirements we need to take into account. Just as business requirements help us shape the product, security requirements help us take into account security from the get-go. This list was originally created by the current project leads with contributions from several volunteers.

  • It represents a broad consensus about the most critical security risks to web applications.
  • Use the extensive project presentation that expands on the information in the document.
  • Interested in reading more about SQL injection attacks and why it is a security risk?
  • According to OWASP, a security requirement is a statement of needed functionality that satisfies many different security properties of software.

It is also very rare when organizations provide developers with prescriptive requirements that guide them down the path of secure software. And even when they do, there may be security flaws inherent in the requirements and designs. When it comes to software, developers are often set up to lose the security game.

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